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A beach connoisseur of sorts has landed along the Panhandle and loving its eco diverse area. Its low key without being dull. In fact, never a dull moment around here. We all need to go to the beach just to recuperate. Yes I sell real estate, but I also assist families achieve their dreams of owning at the beach!

Yes it’s true inventory is low.. however there are some nuggets out there if you’re willing to explore

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Strike while you can if you have your heart set on a certain community. Are we at the high point of pricing? Many ask that but according to The Wall Street Journal, we have only just begun.

So many know about our lovely beaches and clean, warm waters, but we are discovering a whole new customer and families coming to visit. From Texas, to Colorado, Illinois and on we are no longer a well kept Southern Secret.

Beaches are opening May 1!

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We are all waiting with baited breath for our beautiful beaches to reopen.

Clients are calling and asking the State of our Market and It’s Pent up Demand.. from July until December our beach rentals are booked. It will start sooner as soon as rentals are allowed again. Now that so many know they can work virtually without missing a beat they are looking to move here full time and not just seeing this a vacation home.

So our status is shifting as we speak from Vacation home owners to Full time.

Watercolor Phase 3 Sold

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Largest new home in

Watercolor just SOLD.

Patty Lafleur McCubbin


Judy Jones, Luxury 30A Realtor, Corcoran Reverie


Judy is a concierge real estate agent! She works tirelessly and is extremely professional. You will not be disappointed with her whether buying or selling a house. She is always available not only through emails and text messages but actually receives phone calls to address any concerns or issues you have. She is the quintessential real estate agent that you will be proud to have represent you.

Going Rogue

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Yes the beaches and restaurants are closed..

but we are Paddleboarding, kayaking, biking and walking.

Being outdoors is keeping me sane and healthy.

Try it if you haven’t.. it’s the best mood enhancer you’ll find.

Spring Breakers Social Distancing

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In a week we have changed our lives dramatically.

Quarantined and watching for the grocery delivery truck to be able to secure a package of toilet paper and maybe dinner for my family.

But some visitors don’t get that..

They come and exist in a complete bubble of beach time and partying..